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This Terms of Service between Member and Blackwhite-RefBack . You must read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement by marking "I Read and Accept the Terms of Service". If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement Terms of Service Blackwhite-RefBack is unwilling to allow you to become a Member.
  • Blackwhite-RefBack is not a PTC site and also it is not an advertisement site. Blackwhite-RefBack is the way to increase your earnings on PTC sites by Ref-Back bonus offers.
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  • You only have one account on Blackwhite-RefBack. You can not create multiple accounts on Blackwhite-RefBack.
  • You must have a valid e-mail address and valid AlertPay/Paypal account to register our program.
  • You have to register PTC sites with Blackwhite-RefBack's reference. If not, you can not make bonus profit on Blackwhite-RefBack.
  • After registration you must send for me what is your username (masked pages, only mask number accepted) on the site. If you not send it, I can't approve your registration, and you don't get commission.
  • If a PTC site non paying in time, it will be move to the Watch list within 24 hours, after 7 day it will be move to the scam list.
  • You may trace/check your earnings by logging into your account.
  • Your clicks and earnings are transferred to your account when we get paid by PTC & Btc sites. You can not get bonus for your clicks on SCAM sites.
  • Your commission is my refferral earnings 80 % (Standard members) - 90 % (Premium members) percentage. Your earnings after your refferal: standard 5%, premium 10%
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  • We have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, for any reason and without warning or notice. If you cheating or spamming
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1. Inactive account

Every account will be suspended if you don't log in within 90 days. With the suspension, you will lose your balance and referals.
If you come back to the site, you can re-activate your account, or you can make a new one.

2. Privacy Policy

With your registration, you have agreed the following:
The Blackwhite-RefBack site system cookies sent to registered users machine, which only serves to identify the users of the site.

3. Stored information

The system stores the user-specified data beyond the IP address and browser information, and the current account data.

4. Privacy security

The Blackwhite-RefBack system operator and an appropriate arrangement ensures that the data members in any way not disclosed, and any third parties, under no circumstances be issued.
Secure data storage MySql database. Users can at any time, without giving any reason may request termination of their membership, and thus deleted from the final data from the system of Blackwhite-RefBack.
Information on Privacy Policy 2018 / GDPR

Data Controller for the personal data handled in connection with the operation of the website and the use of the services:
Tassi László
2200 Monor Bem u 13

Contact details:

The Data Controller manages personal data in accordance with the principles of good faith, fairness and transparency, as well as the provisions in force and the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
In view of the relevant provisions of the GDPR, the Data Controller Data Protection Officer is not required to designate.

Automatically logged data without registration

Visitors who are not registered with the Web site will automatically record their IP address, the time of the visit, and the browser data of the server running the Web site during the logging process.
Purpose of data management: We use it for statistical purposes, for debugging, for preventing abuses, for ensuring the performance of the service and for verifying it.

Data processing time: up to 30 days

Registered User Information

If the visitor also wants to use Web site registration services, we will record his / her data during registration:

By filling out the registration form, User will enter your chosen username and email address. In the registration form, you will be informed by the User checkbox that you are familiar with this information on data management and data protection and that you strongly agree to record, manage, and process all of your data. Thus, the handling and management of the data processed by the Data Handler is based on the voluntary contribution of the user using the Service.

Data is recorded when the registration button is pressed.

During the registration, we record the IP address and the registration date of the Data Manager's legitimate interest, and the subsequent IP addresses and dates of the entries.

Neither the username nor the e-mail address is required to contain personal information. For example, it is not necessary for the username or email address to contain the recognizable identifiable name of the user. The user is completely free to decide whether a user gives a name or email address that contains information about his / her identity. In both cases, the user name becomes available to other users in private messaging, and the email address is not visible to other users.

Only the person who gave it is responsible for the compliance of the data provided. The User assumes the responsibility to handle your password with adequate security, with the specified user name and email address only the user is using the service. Any responsibility for accessing this data shall be borne exclusively by the User.

Website will send a user authentication email after registration. You will receive full authority on the Website if you have confirmed the specified email address. If you enter a wrong email address or if the owner of the e-mail address finds you using an unlawful email address, the link in the authentication email may be canceled and the data will be deleted.

Purpose and duration of handling data recorded during and after the registration:

- User name (based on voluntary contributions)

Purpose of data management:
Identifying and addressing a user
Contact with the user
Differentiate users for public names
Ensure that users are mutually exchanged,
Protecting users' rights,
Identify user privileges
When subscribing, we use it as newsletter / newsletter
Creating statistics, analyzes and top lists
Data Management Duration: As long as the User maintains the registration.

- Email address (based on voluntary contributions)
Purpose of data management:
User Identification
To contact the User outside of the Website,
Manage user requests.
Providing customer service,
Ensure user responsibility

Validate the Website User's Policy and other interests of the Data Manager

Data Management Duration: As long as the User maintains the registration.

After deleting the registration, the system deletes the email address within 7 days and stores it only in the unencrypted (hash) state.

- IP address and date of registration (based on the legitimate interest of the data controller)

Purpose of data management: to verify that you have voluntarily contributed to managing your personal data

Data management duration: While registration is active, and after deletion for 5 years

- Last IP Address and Date of Access (Based on the legitimate interest of the Data Controller)

Purpose of data management:

Security measures,
To ensure user responsibility,
Validate the Website User's Policy and other interests of the Data Manager
Data management duration: While registration is active, and after deletion for 5 years

The Data Handler reserves the right to terminate the processing of data by any other party concerned by initiating deletion, user inactivity, violation of the Terms of Use, use of unauthorized or misleading information, termination of service, cancellation of orders ordered by courts or authorities. The Data Controller is entitled to retain the data for the duration of the proceedings in case of suspicion of criminal offense or civil liability.

Data processed for signing up for a notification letter

You may only use this User's personal data for data-handling mail-sending activity if you voluntarily, explicitly and in advance consent to it on the basis of the appropriate information. The User must declare separately about the subscription when registering or in the relevant "mail settings" section of his / her data sheet. If you volunteer your consent, you may receive a letter from the Web site that may include news, information, and notifications related to this site. The voluntary contribution to the various mails can be withdrawn at any time on the Website at the user settings page, by the unsubscribed option in the e-mails sent to the Data Handler and by the deletion of the registration automatically.

After unsubscribing, the e-mail address is encrypted unencrypted (hash) to investigate subsequent complaints and verify the subscription.

- E-mail address (based on voluntary contributions)

Purpose of data management: sending a letter

Data Processing Duration: While a User does not cancel your registration or subscribe to a letter

- User name (based on voluntary contributions)

Purpose of data management: addressing the letter

Data Processing Duration: While a User does not cancel your registration or subscribes to the newsletter

Subscription and unsubscribe IP address and date (based on legitimate interest)

Purpose of Data Management: Subscribing to voluntary contributions to a letter of subscription

Data management duration: As long as the newsletter subscription is valid, or after the unsubscription or registration is canceled for 5 years

User-initiated correspondence

In case of e-mails initiated by a user or other private person for the website, the Data Manager treats the e-mail address and the sender's name as personal data.

The duration of the data processing shall be canceled on the 90th day following the last exchange of letters unless, in a specific case, the data controller has a legitimate interest in the further handling of the Personal Data, at that time, until such legitimate interest of the Data Controller exists.

Data of under 16 years of age

The user declares during the registration and warrants that he has reached the age of 16. The personal data of a person who has not reached the age of 16 can be treated in the case of the consent of the adult who exercises parental responsibility over him. The operator is not able to check the truth of the statement of the registrar, but if he or she becomes aware that the User is under 16 years of age, his / her registration and personal data may be canceled without notice and without notice.

User Rights Rights

Canceling a Contribution:

The user is entitled to withdraw his consent at any time in the case of consent-based data handling, but that does not affect the lawfulness of the pre-revocation of data handling.

Request information:

The User is entitled to ask for information on what personal information, on what basis, for what purpose, from what source, for how long, and for whom we have forwarded his personal information. The application must be completed within 30 days by the Data Administrator after proper identification.

Modify, Request Correction:

The user is entitled to request the modification or correction of his / her personal data through these contacts. The data handler shall complete the request within 30 days if the request is rejected, sending the notice to the User within the same deadline.

Request cancellation:

The user is entitled to request the deletion of his / her personal data in these contacts. Data handler shall complete the request within 30 days, if the request is rejected, he / she will notify the user within the same deadline.

Request to lock:

The user is entitled to request the blocking of his / her personal data in these contacts, and the Data Manager will complete the request within 30 days and will notify you of this.

Request for portability:

The User shall be entitled to transfer the personal data of the person above the above mentioned addresses, in which the Data Manager shall transmit it to the data in a readable, manageable format or transmit it to another data controller.

Right of protest:

The user is entitled to object to the handling of his / her personal data in these contacts, and the Data Manager shall examine the request within 15 days and send a notification to the User.

Circumference of additional data managed by the data handler, handling of cookies

Some of the features on the Website can place a unique identifier (so-called cookie) on the user's device. The aim is to ensure the highest level of functionality, personalized services, and increase user experience. The user can delete the cookie from your computer or set up your browser to disable cookies. By prohibiting the use of cookies, the User acknowledges that without the cookie the Website is not fully operational.

If you do not want to receive cookies from BW-refback then disable it!

Third-party cookies can not be deleted for technical reasons, which must be done by the user in their browser.

Managing and disabling cookies in every browser is different and can therefore be done in different ways. For the most popular programs, see the following pages:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

The Website may contain hyperlinks from an external server and external server for webanalytical measurements by collecting statistical information about the use of the Website. Webanalysis services are performed by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043), within the framework of Google Analytics. To ensure that the measurements do not contain personal data, Google Analytics does not activate remarketing and ad reporting features on the Web site, and use Google's recommended IP anonymization for the last 8 digits of the IP (for IPv4) and 80 bits ( IPv6) will be deleted. Google has the European Union and United States Privacy Shield certification, which provides you with the right level of data protection when Google transmits to the United States.

Information: Google Analytics Privacy and Security

Regardless of the foregoing, it may happen that a technically-linked service provider for the operation of the Services, without informing the Data Manager, is engaged in data management on one of the websites. Such activity is not considered Data Management by Data Manager. The Data Handler will do its utmost to prevent and block such data processing.

Data Controller Also considers the User as an External Service Provider for the data management activity on the storage space it uses.

Unless otherwise specified, the Prospectus does not apply to services and data management related to promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, promotional, third-party, third-party advertising. Likewise, in the absence of any other information, the scope of the Information does not extend to the services and data management of websites, service providers that are referred to on the Web Site. These services are governed by the provisions contained in the Third Party Privacy Information Provider of the Service and for these data management Data Managers are not responsible for any such liability.

data transmission

We treat personal data processed to third parties solely with the permission of the User concerned, except for certain cases - due to official court, police inquiries, legal proceedings, breaches or serious suspicions of them, prejudice of the data controller, endangering the provision of services, etc. - make available to third parties the personal data of the User concerned. The Data Controller keeps records of data transfer.

data Security

Personal data is stored on the territory of the Republic of Hungary, on the servers owned by the Data Manager. We have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal information. We have established and operated the procedural rules that are necessary to ensure the protection of data. To prevent unauthorized access, the system is protected by a firewall, the administration interfaces and the tools used are protected by passwords. To prevent accidental deletion of data, we use backup. The user password is stored in encrypted form, which is only valid for verification, and the password can not be viewed.


You may contact any of our colleagues at WebMinute Ltd. with any questions, requests or concerns about data management at the or email address or our mailing address. Our colleagues are ready to assist you by answering your questions, accepting requests and other issues.

You can complain to the NAIH with a remedy:
National Privacy and Freedom Authority
Address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / c.
Phone: 06- 1-391-1400 Fax: 06-1-391-1410

or initiate legal proceedings. Information:

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy unilaterally. User uses the modified data management policy after using the service after the change takes effect.
5. For more information

The additional privacy to ask questions by sending a support ticket.