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Black & White -RefBack

Earn free money online with paid to click programs!

Double your income with us!



Every member will get 80% of their earnings at least. Besides the usual refbacks, the site provides several possibilities for earnings. We are rewarding active and loyal members monthly. Contests take places regularly with rewards.Minimum payment is 2 dollar.


Very cheap advertisement. This is the right place for you to advertise, with competitive prices and the ability to reach thousands of real customers, you will get the traffic you always needed. Thousands of potential clients. 10000 banner view already from $ 1.


Unique RefBack script. Unlimited Direct & Rental referral system. Depending seek membership up to 100% for every click. Loyalty program every month. Doubler game. Grid game. Live chat. Welcome Bonus to all new members. Special offers, competitions gratuities.


We have years of experience in admin team. Secure enviroment. Instant services. Dedicated team. Innovative ideas and features. We are always ready to take any advice into consideration. Secure Cloud Server storage and Cloudflare. Online and Paying Since december 2017.

About Us

Blackwhite-Refback paying end online site since 2017. Hungarian admins and members from all over the world, this is BW!
The refback means it is a test site also. Testing all brand new promising PTC sites with refback members revealing faster which sites pay and which not ,so is it scam or not?

BW refback use a completely unique and beautiful designed script which constantly growing with new functions.
The commissions are beginning from 80% - 100% that refback pays to its honest members on PTC & BTC sites.

We have other earning opportunity too: firstly the well known Grid game where you can make your money grow easily. Secondly the traffic exchange opportunity , where you can advertise your sites or referral links to other members. And NOW each new member will receive 200 credits!!! Our banner and Grid advertising prices are really cheap, so do not hesitate to buy at us. We are planning to launch Text ads, E-mail ads (Paid To Read,PTR) earning functions , the Paid To Sign Up (PTSU) and Microjob , where you can earn money just doing little tasks.

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  • Earning: 85%
  • Ref. earning: 10%
  • Rent referrals: $0.2
  • Payout minimum: $2
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  • Earning: 80%
  • Ref. earning: 10%
  • Rent referrals: $0.2
  • Payout minimum: $2
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  • Earning: 90%
  • Ref. earning: 10%
  • Rent referrals: $0.2
  • Payout minimum: $2
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  • Earning: 100%
  • Ref. earning: 15%
  • Rent referrals: $0.2
  • Payout minimum: $2
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